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as a 2008 big rider i just wanted to wish you the best of luck. the big ride was the best adventure i have ever had. take your time, enjoy the sights, take lots of pictures, make good friends. Just Have Fun! I might be seeing you! My boyfriend James (who is also a former big rider), and I had made plans to meet you guys in Pennsilvania to ride the “final exam”. Since the Haiti earthquake however we have signed up for a missions trip in july. We may still make it to Pennsilvania but im not sure yet. I certainly hope we can. I miss the big ride experience so bad!! please, if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask. i alwase enjoy telling stories from the ride (and i think my family is tired of hearing them!)
good luck- Steph

mas2186 says:

Hey! Are you going to be in Pennsylvania? Can’t believe this ride is happening so soon! šŸ™‚

Douglas says:

Oh no Stephanie got to you first! Ok, between you and I, don’t listen to her, unless you wear keds, bike with mountain bike tires, can’t build a tent, and plan on having your bike hidden at various stages of the Big Ride.

Ok, just kidding. Mostly. She did wear keds.

Hit me up for more info on the ride, or any questions you may have. I’ll ride out with you guys from Seattle, and hope to hang for a day or two.

The ride is worth everything you are putting into it. Everything.

mas2186 says:

Hey just wanted to let you know that your comment way long ago in February stuck with me. Especially how the ride is worth everything. That was a huge motivational factor for my training and fundraising. Will you be in Seattle for the weekend? I’m there on Saturday šŸ™‚

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