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{July 30, 2010}   Where Are We?!!

Man, everything is a blur these days. I wake up to beautiful sunlight, and bed down exhausted and satisfied. Here in Burton, OH, I’m sitting in a slow going diner eating a cheeseburger and trying to reflect on every detail and town we’ve been through since last I posted. I spoke with a past big rider today admitting my inspiration to write has slowly gone away since I found it got in the way of the actual experience. I want to share every moment and detail with myself and others, but truthfully my energy has gone other places. Like playing Ucher (our new team card game), or just sitting down and reading. I don’t see myself doing things at this pace anytime soon. For better or worse 🙂

So to highlight the most recent events, I was posing in front of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland when a friend got stuck in his pedal and over he went, taking me down with him. A few gashes, a trip to the ER to hang out with another Big Rider who was sick, and a good ol’ brush scrub down made that fall unforgettable. Following that incident we ran into a few more bumps today with sick riders, and a geographically scattered group . We as a group had been experiencing a few bumps over the ride, but that’s to be expected. You sign up for 48 days and you should prepare for moments of inconsistency. My hope is that we all can reunite before the finish line healthy and accounted for.

To date, I have no words but to say thank you to everyone who provided the tools and strength for my journey. I was talking on the phone last night with Jay, telling him the one thing that always makes this journey worthwhile is inspiring people. I love hanging out in a local shop, sharing the journey with others, watching them go bug eyed and telling us they wanted to always do something like that. I smile and share the encouraging words passed on by past Big Riders. You Can Do It!! Oh yeah, big or small, experienced or not, you can take on an epic journey such as this. If not riding a bike, I mean, something can be done to get you doing something you never thought you could do before. Even if it’s jumping off a diving board when you’re scared to death of doing such a thing. That deserves as much credit as this. Ultimately, the journey asks of us to overcome our own obstacles, to challenge ourselves.

I have a huge gash on my leg but I remember my first reaction when I saw it. I started laughing and telling my friend I’ll never forget that it happened. In fact I started adding up the drinks he had to buy me now. Score!!

So glad I have a sense of humor for mostly anything on this ride. That’s really what you need. Not so much the physical as it is the mental. I admit to feeling homesick sometimes, ready to get off the bike and take a flight home to see friends and family. But with 7 days left, this is our homestretch. That’s what keeps me in the game, as I hope it does for the rest of us. Only 7 days left. We started out from Seattle. We can take care of the rest. Here are some pictures to follow! Sorry for lack of detail of the locations. If you’re a past Big Rider you’ll understand. Everything blurs after awhile. The towns just pass by through our minds, and we usually don’t know what day it is of the week. But to sum it up, it’s all freaking incredible!!

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