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{July 19, 2010}   Day 29

Well, it was inevitable. I fell behind on capturing my thoughts and pictures for everyone every day. I think I’ll just accept blogs will come when I’m sitting comfortably with plenty of time to reflect on the computer :). We’re in Winona, MN today! About to cross over to Wisconsin. After a 90 mile trek today, we’re situated in Winona State University. Ambushed by corn all day, it’s a nice change to see trees and hills. I tried to get into the Forest Gump mode to pass the time with the corn. “Corn cake, corn pie, corn juice, corn bread, corn fudge…” In time you finally run out of options for the corn.

Passing the 2000 mile mark I took into account how much stronger I’ve become over the course of this journey. I remember when 90 miles would seem…hard. Now it’s really just 20 miles past an easy day. Not to say hardships are absent now. But I can’t help but feel that I can pedal far more efficiently than when I started, and can stay on the saddle for longer periods of time. Just the way I would have wanted it!

Perhaps a memorable day to bring up before I escape to other errands was our stay in New Ulm. On our rest day we had the pleasure of having a local tour us around the nearby cemetery. In case you don’t know some of the history of New Ulm, they were targeted by an Indian uprising back in 1862, known as the siege of New Ulm. It became the largest in US history. Of course, why that conflict escalated is understandable. The tribes were being forced off their land and told to adapt to the white mans way of life. Retaliating, they killed an estimated 800 civilians in total for what is now known as the Dakota War. As we walked through the cemetery, I was shocked to see “Killed by Indians” inscribed on many graves. What a different perspective we had back then. Passing through these historic towns reveals far more then any history book can. We finished up our cemetery tour and stayed downtown escaping the heat with root beer floats and a movie. By the way, go see Inception! Great way to escape the summer heat.

18 more days left!! Time flew!! With 18 more days left I plan to see more star filled nights in my tent, grab old fashioned root beer floats, talk with locals, moo to cows and appreciate all this ride has to offer.


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