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{July 14, 2010}   Day 24

Nothing like a good ol’ tail wind to bring you in to De Smet, SD for a treat to WiFi, chocolate milk and a good core session. I woke up in Miller, SD after a 3 day stretch of headwinds, rolling hills and too close for comfort dehydration situations. Yesterday was set on keeping your head down and grinding through it. The 2 days before that involved grasshopper mayhem, strong cross winds and the beautiful rolling hills of South Dakota.

Have you ever splattered a bug on your car windshield? Pretty gruesome right? You have this icky goo like substance on your car complete with flailing legs. Now imagine riding into the same situation on bike. They don’t splatter and they stick on you and make you cringe. I thought hailstones were the only thing to be concerned about if they hit you. Grasshoppers are a pretty big concern. Most of us fared pretty well riding through what is known as the largest outbreak the midwest has seen of grasshoppers. The occasional hit on the face, or near the mouth kept me riding with my head down. I couldn’t tell what was worse, the crosswind or the insects that came with them. Getting pelted on the shoulder left a nice stinging sensation and me screaming in my head “oh my god is it in my shirt?!!” Maybe the truckers behind me thought I was having seizures or something and that’s why we had a good day of no close encounters with big rigs. Of course after all was said and done it was a nice laugh. A rider loves to eat them and so he relished the opportunity to ride through grasshopper hell :).

So…looks like I fell behind in sharing all the details :). Like I said blogging is a luxury, but to think of all the stuff I get to share in person sometime soon! We’re in De Smet  tonight being catered to by their chamber of commerce. A few pictures to share from the ride and hopefully some words down the road! I had such a great time in Gillette, Wyoming hanging out with my older sister Carolyn. Driving 5 hours from Denver, we were able to spend a night catching up! So great to see loved ones on the road. Oh did I mention I got to be near a herd of buffalo and met a finalist from American Idol season 4?! Some highlights to leave with you all. My spirits are high, my tan lines are set for the next two years, and we’re a rocking and a rollin after getting through the halfway point today! Who would have thought it’d come up so quick!

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