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{July 9, 2010}   Day 15

So a fun Day 14 was spent with Fourth of July activities in Billings. That included getting fitted by Chris, an awesome guy who founded Fit Kit. If you ever want to have someone trustworthy handle your bike, Chris is the man. He’s set up in Billings, MT so don’t hesitate! Aside from getting bike details taken care of, we also managed to fit Suzanne in a duffel bag. Observe:

We're sneaking her to DC!

So setting off from Billings towards Hardin, I took a detour with Suzanne to find her a bike seat. Since the shop was closed and Suzanne needed to wait it out for awhile for a seat, I took off by myself towards Hardin. Biking by yourself can be a treat sometimes. Gives you a chance to just take it all in and think away about your priorities/projects/ice cream. Today I thought about how much I love Ice Cream. Oh and how gorgeous Montana still is :). But yes, from what I’ve learned Ice cream has a huge presence on Big Ride trips. Indeed, if there is an ice cream stop anywhere out there, we’re there! Well it’s a guarantee for me and Jeremy at least. But apparently the Carb and protein ratio is perfect for recovery in milk, and with the frozen touch its every cyclists dream come true! I joke around that if I know there is a Dairy Queen in the area I’m guaranteed to go faster.

For some reason it never got closer no matter how long I cycled!

Fun times ahead!

Where's Muk Muk?

We settled into a KOA which was right next to a cornfield. I have to admit, I think I was traumatized by Children of the Corn movie back when I was a foolish child watching horror movies right before bed. So that probably explains why I woke up at 2 in the morning in my little tent, startled by the smallest of sounds and thinking the worst of things. Not the best sleep but I woke up beating myself up for the small fears I carry. That includes spiders, the dark and clowns that pop out of nowhere. Least being out on the road like this exposes me to the first two every day so I have a fighting chance to get over it. The third one…that’s a toughie. On to Sheridan we go!


Darrell - 2008BRAA says:

Ice cream is a Big Ride food group. I must have put down about 20 root beer floats with chocolate ice cream. Have a relaxing day off in Rapid City.

Dan says:

Hey Isang, I’ve driven most of the roads you’re riding, watching your progress. If you were just a little closer, in NORTH Dakota, I’d stop by to say hi. Hang in there, you’re doing great!

mas2186 says:

Thanks Daniel!

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