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{July 9, 2010}   Day 13

Well I had a slumber party last night in Kristins tent because I failed to set up mine correctly. A few of us took to the morning playing around with the smart black lab that hung around our campground for the morning. Wish I got a picture of it, cutest dog I’ve yet to meet. With a promising tail wind at our backs, we were flying! Rest day here we come! Starting out early, we had the treat of seeing the Testicle Festival 😉 As Chacko put it, let’s “have a Ball at the Testicle Festival”!

Let's have Rocky Mountain Oysters!

Our usual greeting at rest stops

Along the way I’ve been studying the languages of sheep, cow, horse and raven. You try cycling for a long time with no human interaction and tell me you can resist talking with the road side animals!

So we’re cycling along and I couldn’t help but notice that signs are crooked out in this part of Montana. Not sure if the wind is just to strong or they’re trying to wake you up in your car with something out of the ordinary.

Apparently they were going too fast near this sign

Stopping by at a gas station, Chacko and I learned that when people write bad checks out here in Montana, they make it known to the public who wrote the bad check. They go so far as to post their names up on public signs on the road. Note to self, never try to scam people in Montana. Unfortunately I’m way behind in the days so can’t say much for getting up to Billings except tail winds are incredible, Chacko will laugh at anything (not kidding, anything), and chocolate milk is a cyclists best friend!


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