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{July 6, 2010}   Day 12

We woke up in Townsends High School from an eventful night. After trying forever to lock down the school, Timmy slept outside in the hall to watch over our bikes. The team got up and readied for another day on the road. Rode in car with Frank for part of the trip to save the leg on the big hill on this route. During our time I learned a great deal about Missoula and the relationships between lobbyists and bars. I’d go into it, but have very little time to divulge on the issues of corporations and politics during this ride. Of course having that conversation made me reflect that once the trip is over, back to the reality of the world we go. Not that this trip is for escapism, least for me. Yet I couldn’t help but notice I’ve had no news for sometime until today with the Montana newspaper. Less distraction I suppose. For now there are more important matters at hand, like how to get a laugh out of everyone. Frank and I created the Cat Noose effect:

Captive to Muk Muk


Frank Break

The leg was amazing at that time and I took advantage of the great descent before us. I made it to 41 today, and I stretched my arms out to fly! I love flying on the bike! Just stretch out like a bird, look up, left and right, and you forget you’re on the bike. Things are just zipping by and you haven’t a care in the world save for the wonderful feeling you are in an amazing place right now.

A cyclists best friend

We made it to a nice picnic area for cold cut sandwiches. Then we set out into the vast farmlands of Montana. Beautiful rolling hills and random, small creeks with the occasional cow on the hill. We got to stop at Checkers bar, whose ceiling was decorated with signed dollar bills.

Sing it now: "Money Money Money Money!!"

It was a gorgeous, fast ride with nice tailwinds. I made it to mile 83, taking out and eating an amazing cheesy cracker package when the wind knocked one out of my hand. Uh oh head winds. Made it up to a riding group, and we all attempted to draft each other. Unfortunately with a side wind drafting in a straight line is not the best but least it encourages everyone to stick together. Then again, not sure how friendly we are as a team if I get a jacket thrown in my face. Kristin!! Timmy played the gentleman and lent me a jacket, handing it over to Kristin to pass to me. With the wind as strong as it was, Kristins toss was like a fastball to my face. Time to get moving!!

Made it to campsite after putting a massive load of huckleberry ice cream in my stomach. I scrambled to set up my tent. Of course I was unsuccessful in my rush mode since the fly was put on wrong. I shrugged it off, planning to change it later. Stretching away while the storm was still neutral, Bridgett came up to us to let us know about the weather. She predicted it would miss us by 5 miles, and reassured us it would be ok. However, she added, if the wind dies down and everything becomes eerily calm, run for it! Never had that warning before. Oh boy! Shortly after I was putting my bike under the bleachers, about to ask Deidre where she put her bike. Right as I turned up my head, a golf ball flew near hers. My heart stopped. Ok ok I was traumatized from yesterdays hail storm, so seeing something fall into the grass that size and not break was enough to turn on the flight mechanism. I dropped the bike and ran like hell for my tent! Holy S@#t!! It’s raining baseballs! We escaped with just a few people getting hit. One had a goose egg on her head next morning, the other a nice bruise on the leg. Wow Montana, you’re tough!

Small one! Pssssh

We all need to end the day in a tent having a slumber party!! My failed tent set up was evident what with the water inside of it. So Izzy, Timmy, Kristin and I had a sleepover in the Taj Mahal of tents! Thanks Kristin!

Family Love!

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