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{June 29, 2010}   Day 7

Day 7

Waking up knowing I wasn’t getting into my bike gear was surreal. It’s only been 5 days combined of biking and I felt I’ve lived the life of a cyclist for so long. Get up, gear up, pound food, then head on out into the morning sun.  I felt very optimistic that the day would become Big Ride worthy, so I followed the other bikers in the morning routine then saddled up in the box truck with Bridgette.

While although I wanted to be on the bicycle this whole trip, being on the other side was a treat.  We were cruising through the panhandle of Idaho, windows down, watching the morning sun hit the glassy lakes and pine tree covered rolling hills. I took advantage of this new perspective with my camera, capturing the riders on the route as we sped by. I’m assuming some don’t really understand that they’re crossing the country by bicycle until they’re not on a bicycle.  Everyone seemed so small and looked like they had a far far way to go (which they do).  You aren’t doing much sitting in a car. The idleness gives you time to assess the distance for what it is. For example, while on bike you’re looking for every checkpoint and thinking about your body, how your gears are handling, where’s the next food stop. You’re not sitting comfortably, looking around and thinking of how many minutes it’ll take to get to the next city.  As Bridgett put it, you are living more in the present.

Muk Muk changing bike for truck

Amazing Views!!

Early morning riders

I remember yesterday at Sandpoint High School when Timmy and I saw a map of the US. Stretching his arms out to cover the distance, it was then I think he took into consideration how far we have to go. It’s far! But man oh man is it awesome to think we all have that much time to live this lifestyle.

They say baby steps are the name of the game. Makes sense, there’s only so much one can take into consideration when doing something of this magnitude. Besides, the other name of the game is living in the moment. I haven’t really encountered anyone yet on this team who is raging with the “East Coast or Bust” mentality.  We all stop to smell the roses, jump into a river, play cards, and then some. It’s a great way to exist.

So yeah I’m feeling more comfortable now being off the saddle for the time being. It was hard to accept but I saw I could be a part of the experience by dishing out the food and helping Bridgett with Big Ride matters. We’re all getting across the 3,300 miles somehow. I’m more then happy to be setting up food for hungry riders to get us there.

Here are a few details on the trip. We crossed over into Montana today. At the lunch stop had a great time interviewing Jill, a Montanee shop owner with a big love for her state. Driving along the river we spotted deer, hawks. Apparently some of the riders behind spotted a cub crossing the road. Wildlife rocks!

The seemingly endless beautiful road through Montana state line

A taste of locations to come 🙂

Muk Muk being spoiled by Chacko carrying him on bike. Made it to Montana!

I made it too!!

Arriving to Thompson falls, Bridgett and I set up camp. During setup I had a chance to talk to Juanita and Tom, two employees of the middle school we are staying at. Tom gave me the rundown on the 1920 boiler room that stood out amongst the middle school buildings. It is a tall chimney like structure with no doors. Apparently the coal was thrown down a metal chute, which is now sealed off because people kept throwing down objects after the boiler was shut off. Fun little random fact. I also found out Thomspon Falls was struggling with job opportunities, hence the dwindling population. For an area so beautiful and quaint it’s a shame to think it’s on a downward spiral. Americans treasure the intimate, closely connected communities, and yet many seem to struggle in holding together.

A railroad station in beautiful Thomson Falls.

Great dinner, a few massages dished out for the tired riders, and a wonderful ice cream treat at Little Bear finally landed me here with enough time for the computer. I’m not tired, so I didn’t want to pass this opportunity up to blurt out a few thoughts. I found Muk Muks grandfather in Little Bear Ice Cream shop, got a bit of a tan now on my left side (it’s inevitable though, the right side will always be facing the sun), and randomly learned once I’m 32 I will have lived 1 Billion seconds long.  That’s a lot of seconds.  In my spare, idle time sitting here I realized by the end of this year I’ll have lived close to 726,500,000 seconds. The Big Ride is going to be approximately 4,147,200 of that. 4,147,200 seconds to be remembered for a lifetime. AWWWWW!! JK.  Ok ok cheesy moment over. That’s as nerdy as I’ll get on this trip. Good night folks, we’re all bedding down and I’m craving chocolate. Time to go chocolate hunting in Montana!

Small businesses tell it how it is. Amazing Ice Cream store!

Muk Muks Grandfather in Little Bear Ice Cream store!

Bubba the Minnies Cafe mascot!

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