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{June 27, 2010}   Day 6

-We started off the day bright and early leaving from Gonzagas University dorms. I think the whole team was in agreement, Gonzaga freshman have it good. These dorms suited well for our tired sore butt squad and we settled in to stay over night Day 4 and Day 5.

-Day 5 was bright and early for me. Left the window shades open so early morning sun kicked me out of bed. Then again, passing out at 7 PM from pure exhaustion gave me a wide window of day time for exploring Spokane. Got the starbucks and REI trip down. Purchased a new handlebar bag to carry my food easier. With supplements and other camping gear thrown into a bag, I headed to downtown Spokane. Passing over the bridge, oh man, check out these falls!


-Spokane is a quaint, family oriented city. We came just in time for Hoopfest. 8,000 teams of 3 on 3 with more then 28,000 people coming from all over to attend the festivities. While we were not enrolled in the competition, Izzy and I knew we could dominate if we really wanted too. Check out our slam dunk abilities. That’s what happens when you bike more then 300 miles, you gain superpowers!

Too much power!!

-I chilled out in the Hoopfest area to enjoy food and the company of Sam, Amy and Tim. Heading back to REI Sam and I, two past collegiate runners, decided that since our biking has given us superpowers, we could take on the toughest runners around!

Go Sam Go!

Got it!!

Ok so all that was yesterday. Today folks, day 6 I met my match with my knee. We started off leaving Spokane on a beautiful morning with a light tailwind behind us. I stayed with Chacko and met up later with Sam to make a group of 3 for the first 50 miles. Along the way Muk Muk decided Chacko was going too slow and so popped his tire with a staple.

Chacko taken down by Muk Muk and the Staple!

We hung out there for a bit while Chacko lounged about not wanting to change his tire correctly (kidding), then Alan came up with his tazer and got Chacko back on the road.

Road Support- Alan holding a tazer: "Chacko get back on the road"

So we got back on the road and my knee did the good old “I’m just going to really swell up now and cause you excruciating pain” approach. Thankfully we made it to nearby Newport to ice and elevate my leg in a sports bar while watching the US lose to Ghana in the World Cup. During that time I was debating this whole leg situation. Ok, we’re 6 days into the ride, there are 42 left. I have an inflamed ITB. Calling a few people helped me make up my mind. Be smart and live to ride another day. I called it done 20 miles out from camp after the pain became too much. I never started this ride to be an EFI, and I need a few days off to get the leg back to its best. So my decision is to take 3 days off, one being a rest day, and do fast treatment measures. Cindy, Noel’s wife, helped me with touch therapy, and I’m going to search for an acupuncturist in Missoula for our rest day. Cross your fingers for me. As Alan said though, this ride is not meant to be painful. No Pain, No Pain. I appreciated the view from the Sag Support car. Idaho is beautiful! Sitting in the car I couldn’t help but laugh thinking how I want to bike over the mileage to make up the 188 miles I’ll be missing. But truthfully I’m not missing anything. Going cross country with this group is what it’s all about. We’re here to support a cause and each other, and whether I’m on the bike or helping set up their rest stops, I feel grateful to be here.

Send good energy my way for my knee! We’re going to get back on after Tuesday! Oh and my favorite part of the day is when Chacko, Sam and I were cruising down the hill with a lake on our rights surrounded by forest. We all were whooping and hollering, thrilled to be out here! Thanks for coming along!

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