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{June 25, 2010}   Day 4

-Oh man today was like I died on day 3 and woke up a new person Day 4. Knee is still in pain but it can bend more. We slept in a gym at the Odessa High school and so I was well rested. Not that sleeping outside keeps me up but I felt more comfortable not having to set up a tent and take it down the next morning. I said farewell to my awesome friend Justin. He is heading back up north by bike, carrying his gear. Very admirable. Without him many lessons would not have been learned.

-I set off at a great pace after an amazing breakfast. I forced fed myself with vigor, hoping to avoid another episode like yesterday. I stuck with a group of 6, including Chacko, Kristin, Bard, Izzy and Timmy. We were flying in the early morning through farmland! It is so beautiful out here. Endless fields of wheat and morning sun made the early trip memorable. Chacko and I stayed together for the ride. Chacko is originally from India but is living in Arizona right now. Has one of the best attitudes I’ve ever encountered :).

-My knee was doing better in the morning but of course over time it started to annoy me again. The good part was that I’m getting used to pain/soreness all over so it was just a minor detail. We rode so fast today that all I can do is sum up the trip. Great ride, amazing mint chocolate chip milkshake in a cute towns soda fountain shop, cool breezes and a beautiful ride into Spokane! The picturesque hills and pine trees of Spokane delighted us as we flew down a long hill. I think I got up to 37 mph just coasting. What a rush to come here for our first rest day! Chacko and I picked up a few bonus miles, so I think I’ll be over 3,300 miles at the end of the trip if I keep being an EFI (Every F@$#ing Inch). We got to Gonzaga University, I jumped in the river with a few riders, and settled in for the night after a great dinner at the cafeteria. Rest day for Day 5! We’ve done 325 miles so far on this trip. Big Wow!

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