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{June 25, 2010}   Day 3

-Decided for the night to hang out and sleep under stars with my friend Justin (he’s your ultimate outdoor man). It was worth it :). Aside from the curious skunk that came right behind our heads to check out my leftovers, I slept comfortably. Woke up to a beautiful sunrise and a cool day. Man this is quite the adventure so far. I tested out the knee and it was still in the same condition, so was limping around again.

-Had a great breakfast with the team and got to catch up with Noel and Cindy. What an awesome couple! They have so many adventures to share with others. Noel gave a lesson yesterday on the geology for the upcoming scene we’d bike through. Kind of cool to hear more the reason for why the landscape is shaped as it is. Cindy gave me an idea for biking across Europe. Get 6 of your friends, a barge, and have at it! Imagine biking all through the waterways of europe while your friends handle the barge! Awesome to think about.

-We got on the bikes and set off cautiously on a bridge with no side pass for us. Went smooth and I started off slowly up the hill. The knee was not working so well for the start so I favored it and used my left leg more. Good ol’ Timmy pushed me up the rest of the hill. There’s a hilarious and friendly group called the three musketeers on this trip. Timmy, Izzy and Kristin. If you need a pick me up just hang near them and they’ll brighten your day :). We passed by a monument of wild horses far off in the distance. It was majestic.

– We set off into barren land, then into farm land. Along the way met a favorite character of mine, Elke. Elke owns a small Espresso shack in George Washington. On hearing what Justin and I were doing she gave Justin a freebie espresso and a few other gifts, including her story :). She came from Germany, set up shop and has been in the area serving truckers good tasting less acidic americanos for more then 10 years. Great lady! Who would have thought someone can tune in to what truckers need to drink for their trip :). Mother of the Truckers :P.

Elke with Muk Muk!

-Justin and I set off again and I told him to go ahead. I was going way way slow to help my knee. Then came hardship time. It was getting hotter and I was really only going about 10 mph. I got a flat along the way, which was great timing before I charged forward again because I got to stop by a house with a friendly family who offered me lemonade and advil as I changed my tire. Advil kicked in to get me through to the next check point with Alan, our bike whisperer.

-Made it to the next town by singing my way through. Times get tough with a bad knee but singing can take care of anything. I think my favorite song of the moment is Hakuna Matata. Funny moment where I guess I called Jay on accident and he heard me sing my way through to the next town lol. Made it to the next town and stopped by for a smoothie. Justin stayed behind for the next stretch thank god. Next stretch was almost unbearable.

-Justins’ water radar was on and we found an irrigation canal to stop by and take a dip in. Good break from the heat.

The Canadian found water!

– Afterwards we were slowly cruising through barren land and I got a bit loopy. Didn’t realize how slow or weak I was until Justin decided we should pull over to find shade and eat. Pretty much learned the valuable lesson of force feeding here. Throughout the day I rejected anything wholesome since my stomach wasn’t in the mood. Got me in the end. If you don’t know much about biking, we’re burning on average 7 calories per minute. Add on weather conditions and wind, our hydration and calorie intake is put to the test. Burning 6000 calories is the standard day for us. Never thought I’d ever burn that much in one day. So salted peanuts and chips did not do the job for me. We made a quick shade stop and got more nutrients in me.

Shade stop!

-The day was getting late and I was slowly pushing my way through. The body told me to stop before we got to Odessa, but with the help of our awesome crew member Frank and Justin, they kept me motivated to get through the last 26 miles. By the time I saw Odessa I was so exhausted and mentally warped from the pain I started crying. It was a good cry. Sort of what you would experience if you felt like you were near collapse for so long and finally saw an oasis in the desert. It was a good reminder that this journey attests to the willpower each of us riders have. Frank was waiting for us with a bag of ice for my leg and Justin got me up the last little hill where the other riders cheered us on and helped me settle in.

-Lessons of the day include the importance of force feeding, shade finding, fast tire changing and keeping your humor no matter what. All of the riders had a challenging day in the heat and wind, but we all pushed through. What a great group! 🙂

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