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{June 23, 2010}   On the Road

For the sake of taking advantage of limited internet connection and time on the road, things get to be summed up for now 🙂

Seattle: Amazing Vibe. Loved the bohemian lifestyle and the small quaint coffee shops. Night before the Big Ride began we geared up, talked it out, and went over the many scenarios of the first day. The big mountain range was in our minds, and the make or break idea was making a few of us nervous. But soon enough settled down and dreamt of first day coasting.

Day 1: Opening ceremony was awesome. We got the breakfast of champions, eggs and potatoes. Bags packed, bike checked, geared up in an awesome jersey made by Evonne, we settled around the trusty ride gear truck.

Izzy and Me!

Muk Muk ready to go!

Tonja and Me! She and her husband Jeff met Big Ride '05. Thanks again for everything!

Past director saying "I'll give you two words, You're Crazy!!" Jk!

Bike ready to go! Thanks Coates Cyclery!!

A few notes from the day:

We winded through Seattle on a nice and lovely trail with a view of the river. Seattle has many bike commuters let me tell you. So many I think they got irritated we were one big jolly group not going to work. Sorry Seattle, but you gotta have fun too on these things.


Before entering the freeway Justin and I scored some Sambazon from a WholeFoods to get us ready for the mountains. Soon after we entered the freeway to head through a mountain pass. Ok, not cool with Big Rigs. Not cool at all. But it was still very enjoyable and amazing to see the mountains after the big monster of steel got out of the way. But yeah, Big Rigs, gotta get away from them.

I’ve been trying to master the art of eating while riding. Justin picked up some cherry pits (Justin btw is my friend from Mexico joining us for three days till he does this crazy canadian thing and heads back up to Canada by bike by himself, with panniers, and determination. Also learned to master art of cherry pit spitting. Red drool is not attractive, but neither is choking on your bike.

Justin the Canadian with his awesome espresso

A few mishaps on the way. Almost hitting Justin while checking the cue sheet. Hitting debris on the highway. And cutting myself with my bike chain!

This is an amazing group for the Big Ride of ’10. What a great collection of characters. I don’t think I’ve ever been surrounded by this many people with great drive, ability, humor and compassion for so long a time.

We (four of us) skipped having our bikes shuttled due to construction and took a gravel filled trail (not recommended for road bikes!!). Was definitely worth the extra miles since we got up close to the lake and saw the mountains behind it!

The four of us were the last ones in to dinner. Pitched my tent a second time again in an amazing camp ground and had the feast of Champions, Fajitas!! Alumni and present riders combined, we were a happy group with a bonfire roaring in between.

Oh and my last minute detail of the day, I never showered as efficiently as I did that first night. Geez, I got everything done, including brushing teeth, shampoo and condition, soap and wash my clothes, and even relax for maybe 10 seconds. Wow.

Day 2 coming up!

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