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{June 23, 2010}   Day 2

Morning time means jump up fast and get ready for a whole new system of waking up. Wake up, pack your stuff, take down the tent, gear up, and get all to the truck in time for breakfast. Well…yeah. There’s gonna be another chance to get it done in that way. We all slept in this beautiful camp ground with huge pine trees and crazy ass “I’ll get to your lunch sandwich before you do” chipmunks.

I unfortunately did a bit of damage to my right knee loading the gear truck. It buckled under the weight of my bag while stepping up and I got a sharp pain on the right side. It slowly faded at the beginning but picked up again throughout the day. At this present moment I’m still crossing my fingers for tomorrow to bring good luck. I can’t really bend or straighten without pain. Not swollen or bruised, so not sure yet what to do. But did the average ice, elevate and biofreeze routine. Time will tell.

Sorry folks its late and Day 2 will be up for next post. But soon to come are pictures from Day 1 and 2 because I’m too tired to describe everything at the moment and nervous for tomorrow morning. Day 2 was challenging, to say the least. A dry heat, painful knee and long hills contributed to the tired, sore and upset feeling at the end. I walked it off jumping in the nearby river to ice the legs.

But while getting to the second camp ground I had a great moment of “we need to struggle soon enough to understand the cause”. I didn’t think the sentimental message would come up so soon, especially on Day 2. I don’t have lung disease, no one god willing has lung disease in my family, but to struggle for something that is a reality for other people and their families opens up a whole new level of understanding and compassion. It’s not the breathing that really brings it into focus while on this ride, it’s being alone sometimes in the middle of nowhere trying to get up that long hill with a headwind bearing down and realizing it’s just you and you alone that is facing all of this. To face it is heroism. As a group are all heroes.

Juanita says:

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for your heroic knee!

mas2186 says:

Thanks Juanita! Heroic knee is going to get some acupunture today! Miss you!!

Douglas says:

You’re going to be stiff, sore, and tired the first few days. But then the energy kicks in, your body adjusts, and THEN you start loving riding. You wake up happy to go again, and you will see some AMAZING things. Keep up the great positive attitude! You’re doing something only a very small percentage of people in this world could ever say they did!

mas2186 says:

Definitely agree. Was stiff, sore and tired for a bit there. But was all worth it and can’t wait to get back on the bike again! It’s gorgeous out here!

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