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{June 20, 2010}   Sambazon Awesomeness!

For the next 7 weeks I’m taking my fitness to a whole new level. I joined the American Lung Association’s Big Ride Across America. Leaving Seattle on June 21st and arriving in Washington D.C. on August 9th these heroic cyclists will pedal 3,300 miles in 48 days averaging more than 83 miles per day while each raising a minimum of $6,000 for the vital programs and research of the American Lung Association. The Gift of Breath is the Gift of Life. I’m grateful to have Sambazon take part in this Gift.

Some Sambazon Smoothies at work 🙂

I like to treat my body as a temple. This 7-week bike ride will demand both my mental and physical ability, so staying healthy is a priority. I incorporated as much wholesome, healthy and organic foods as I could into my diet while training for this ride. Sambazon has been in my training regimen for some years now. A company founded on sustainability, Sambazon reflects all the values I look for in choosing training products. Their organic Acaí juice blends provide the right balance of fiber, protein, omega fats and antioxidants that jump starts my day.

Breakfast Energy!!

When Sambazon offered to help me prepare for this bike ride I was stoked! Aside from generously donating money for lung disease research, I was set up with their amazing smoothie packs to prepare in the blender every morning before training. I like to add vanilla flavored almond milk with bananas and strawberries for a great tasting breakfast treat. Usually post rides I would crave something sweet so having a Strawberry Samba flavored smoothie sitting in the fridge was the ultimate reward! I crave energy-fueled food, and this purple berry does the trick.

We start tomorrow on a grand adventure to spread awareness of lung disease and the steps the American Lung Association is taking to combat it. Follow me as we go across this amazing country of ours! Thanks Sambazon for making my training more efficient and providing the world amazing purple berry love! Can’t wait to find your smoothies along the route!

Mike says:

You’ll do great, cuz. Whether the wind is on your back or in front of ya. Just spread your wings & fly. Godspeed.

Darrell - 2008BRAA says:

Some days may not be as good as others, but I started each day with the resolution to have fun and save something for tomorrow. That worked fairly well for me. There wasn’t a day I didn’t have fun.

mas2186 says:

Definitely a good resolution. CAn’t help but have fun each day even though I’m injured :). Such a great vibe to this trip!

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