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{June 20, 2010}   It Begins!

It’s been a crazy, fulfilling 8 months of planning, training and hoping for the best. And now the best is about to get better. I’ve made it to my goal: raising $6,000 for lung disease research and riding for the ALA’s Big Ride. Your generous support is what made this all possible.

I’m sitting here in a trendy Seattle coffee shop planning for the unexpected. Hearing a few stories from previous Big Riders reveals to me that this trip, already unique in preparing for it, will be nothing short of life changing. There will be days with tail winds, riding as though we are flying, being in constant awe of this country’s grand scenery. And of course, there will be days I’ll want to find every possible expletive in the book to explain my situation. Nothing can prepare someone for this long and challenging of a trip. So the idea is to go with the flow while bringing your best humor, will power, and flexibility. It will be amazing, and I’m taking you all with me!

This will be the closest yet I’ll be transparent with the land. Almost every night we’ll sleep outside, and almost every morning ride silently down a long stretch of road with, god willing, the rising sun. So for that reason internet will sometimes be hard to come by. But please, e-mail, text, or mentally send good positive energy for me and my team of amazing riders. I’ll be updating as frequently as I can on my blog at I’m grateful to have this chance to help others while doing something extraordinary.

Here’s some pics from the Seattle wanderings :). So fun!

Last day of my first bike box! Bye Bye old friend 🙂

My amazing new friend Tonja from Big Ride '05! Muk Muk strikes again in Seattle!

Muk Muk the Seattle Champ!

Seattle Fun 🙂

Our friend the street comedian! Of course my favorite one was "Help, sex doll deflated. Need money for new inflatable one." Seattle has some characters

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