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{June 19, 2010}   My tonic

I took a step back today to remind myself why again I was doing this ride. I remember it started off as a random curiosity, and soon formed into a goal: to do what is most difficult for others in order to help them. I can breathe strong, long, and at will. There are those that can’t. So I’ll exert myself for them and surmount the difficulties of lung disease through vision, action and passion for life. Simple. Because I can.

I head off to Seattle tomorrow with two bags and my bike box. Cory from Coates Cyclery took care of gear preparations, and some last words of advice for the long road ahead. I scored myself some awesome Jelly beans with electrolytes! Yum! Today Kent and I packed the bike. Was a bit nervous for once doing any type of mechanics with my bike in front of him. I’ve come so far in learning about bikes and was hoping to show him that his valuable lessons were coming along on the ride :P. Thanks Kent for being an awesome teacher and friend!!

Kent getting this beauty ready for a long ride

I’ve managed to get most of the camping gear in the one back pack, and even have space for the international man of mystery: MUK MUK! Mascot for Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Random right? Yeah so I got this idea that Muk Muk, a gift from that special someone ;), should cruise across the country with me not only to raise eyebrows and copy the Travelocity gnome, but to let everyone know that anyone, even a furry little stuffed animal with the biggest smile, can make it across (also for a pick me up if ever the going gets too tough). Stay tuned for his future whereabouts!

Wishing he was starting off in Hawaii. Sorry Muk Muk, can't bike across the water

Cali life for Muk Muk is grand. Palm Trees everywhere!

And finally, at the end of the day, I finished my old school arts and crafts project. I put the names of all my sponsors on a bike jersey :). It’s not professional, but it has a touch of personality 😉

Soon to be updated! Monday the 21st is our starting day!! Please don’t hesitate to keep contacting me e-mail, or phone, i’ll have both for most of the ride. I’m tempted to take a picture of myself showing I have no major bike tan lines but figured i’ll just be freaking out when I see the after picture…should be fun 🙂

kent says:

Isang. I’m so proud of you. You’re such an inspiration to me. Goals are so achievable when cycling because of its simplicity…just one pedal stroke at a time. There’s nothing more and nothing less. “Breathing is the greatest pleasure in life,” Giovanni Papini.

mas2186 says:

Aww Love ya Kent! Did you see your nieces name on the jersey picture? I don’t have her e-mail address but would love to keep her posted 🙂 Miss you!

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