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{June 16, 2010}   So Green…

behind the ears :). Some may not believe this (I barely believe it myself), but I pitched up my first tent ever today by myself. I remember seeing tents pitched up before, but then I remember handing over the reigns to someone else. Of course I think those tents were also “pitchable” friendly for the average person since I think they didn’t have any gutlines or cleats or vocabulary on the instruction manual that I’ve never heard of. Back in high school we took training trips out to a marine base near the beach. I remember those tents were just an aluminum pole crossing, and insert stake into given hole process. Oh and for those of you whom I told I never camped before, that’s partially true. I did sleep outside before, in a warm weather California beach way…….yeah never really camped.

Steve and I were sitting on the lawn today for quite sometime trying to translate each part of this REI coupe tent (Thanks Peter for loaning it!!). It of course was a very laughable matter. Our neighbors across the street ventured over to observe our struggles, and found they also did not know how to pitch a standard tent. Just a bunch of us suburbanites standing around realizing we don’t know much about the outdoors. Tomorrow is another day to practice.

We’re down to 5 days left. I feel pretty good physically. These past two weeks have been interesting with training. I can’t say it was the best but something tells me when I get back into the saddle I’ll be good to go. We’re supposed to be taking it easy before. Better to be rested and a bit mushy then sore and tired. I went out riding Monday with my friend Kent and got clobbered by California heat. I could only get in 35 after getting a bit loopy being in the sun and dry heat. Hopefully the weather on the ride will be slow going with the heat so I can become accustomed to it.

I remember when I first started this blog last year. Wow it’s been a long time looking towards this date. Years down the road I’ll look back and smile for how random and exciting this journey has been. Learning how to bike again was just the start!

Darrell Janke says:

You will become well practiced. In a couple weeks you will probably set it up in about three minutes.
See you in Spokane,
Darrell – Big Rider 2008

mas2186 says:

Thanks Darrell! Yeah…it’s not as easy first hand but I reckon I’ll be a pro by the end :). Will you be riding with us from Spokane! Can’t wait to meet you!

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