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{June 6, 2010}   And Here We Go…

Before I even begin a recap on the last two months, I’ll break the fantastic news :). I’m going on the Big Ride!! There was a point in time I believed it was not possible due to fundraising issues, but because of a generous second chance gift from a lovely couple I was able to pick up my bike again and look West. I’ll share my close encounter with the no-go status sometime soon, but for now time to go over what’s happening.

As a group, the  American Lung Associations’ Big Ride of 2010 has raised close to $144,000 + to date. That’s $144,000 + going towards critical research, education and advocacy programs curing and preventing lung disease. 25+ of us shall be going on the ride, with a few alumni and supporters coming along for some of the route.  There’s approximately 15 days before the start of the ride in Seattle, WA. I have 7 more days to enjoy friends and train in NYC.  I’m packing 2 bags as we speak, and for those friends I met in Guanajuato, they’ll know I’ve learned a lesson or two on how to pack for a long period of travel ;). So the numbers are set and I’m giddy and nervous for what’s to come.

It’ll be hard to sum up all that happened since I left Mexico because there was/is sooo much to share! But I’ll try and keep it brief. I went back to NYC right after Mexico since my chances for fundraising and work were higher there then back in CA. Of course I missed out on a few things back in CA, like some hardcore training with Kent or some quality family time :(. But I knew it had to be done to even have a chance at raising adequate money for myself and for the ride. I’ll be back next week in CA to make up for the absence! Can’t wait to see you guys!!

In NYC I trained, worked and fundraised since getting back. One of the benefits for coming back to the Big Apple was working for my friend Chris and his company which distributes/represents products in Whole Foods (my favorite store!!). Being surrounded by healthy food products is always a plus while training for cycling cross country. I used the spare time I had after work to get on the bike, relax or catch up on some personal items I left while being in Mexico. Life is a vacation these days :). It’s been a blast having the time to navigate my way through future aspirations. When I come back I’m tinkering around with massage therapy (time to use this skill of mine). and working on getting my Masters! Feeling so bubbly just thinking about down the road stuff :). Now I just got to get across America to start it.

I also got back into demoing with some good old’ healthy food products, my favorite being Sambazon ;). Sambazon hooked me up with a sponsorship gift to train while using their product, Acaí. In case you never heard of this wonderful product, Acaí is a purple berry of the Amazon Rainforest, with loads of benefits :). My next post I’m going to gush more about this training product. It’s been fabulous for my energy during training!

All in all just had to share this wonderful news 🙂 It’s been a blast getting here, lord knows how much more awesome things can get getting out there on the open road with some amazing people. Till then!

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