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{January 7, 2010}   Llegué…y hay una fiesta!

Well after all day travel here I am! Guanajuato does not go easy on the colors. As you can see in the picture, my room is incredibly bright and cheery. It’s hard to sleep right now with all that is going on outside. And I choose not to sleep because it’s all to amazing. There are quite a few europeans staying at this hostel. Everyone has been helpful, and they choose to speak only in Spanish. That will be very helpful down the road if I’m continuously challenged. Bags settled, computer set up, and tada! They have very good internet, courtesy of the hostel. I guess it’s the school across the way that has so so internet connection. Anyhow so much easier now to connect my happenings here 🙂

Tuve hambre and so I explored the nearby alley ways. Guanajuato…well I’m going to explain more about it down the road. But its freaking beautiful! Imagine the alley ways in the Harry Potter films, with all the wizardry stores. Now add on splashes of bright color, Christmas lights and floral and there you have it…my surrounding area. To get to Guanajuato we had to go under these incredibly long narrow tunnels. It reminded me of the dwarves mine in Lord of the Rings The Fellowship (video nerd I know:P). Then because there is little access for cars in the city itself, we set out on foot to get to the hostel. From there, everything is walking. Up stairs, down hills, through small tunnels. I found myself in a plaza decorated with flowers, christmas lights and surrounded by trees. Pictures to come! I’m too eager to explore, but we start early in the morning with classes. A ocho y media. Pues, necesito dormir ahora. Mañana, voy a la escuela mexicana. Pase buen noche!

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