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{January 6, 2010}   Journey into Mexico

Guanajuato here I come! This past week has been quite a send off. Winery/brewery trips, 20 + miles with an awesome training partner named Kent, sunsets galore, and so much more!

One of my luckiest moments so far aside from receiving help with the bike and gear was telling people at my mom’s work (she just retired! Go Mom!) about my bike ride. Word got around within the hour I was there and Kent, my mom’s co-worker, wanted to find out more about it. Kent is quite experienced in the bike world. Having done competitive mountain and road biking for a long time, he’s knowledgeable about long distance biking. He offered to help me out and we did a 20 + route together last Sunday. While I wanted to throw up after making it up the first hill, Kent’s enthusiasm and encouragement made the ride quite fabulous :). I look forward to training again with him in April. It will be a world of help to have him show me the ropes.

Now for this Mexico trip, there’s a problem with the new bike. Of course, I expected a challenge. This one is just a matter of time. There is an embargo on bikes for the airline I’m taking that ends on January 15th. I leave tomorrow. After receiving more help from Coates Cyclery in packing the bike (Thanks Coates Cyclery!!), we found out that even the shipping options to my area in Mexico were unaffordable. So, my options are…#1, take the bike to the airport regardless and haggle with the clerks with my parents waiting in the background in case I fail. #2: Do this whole 3 months training trip Rocky style. Lift oil barrels, punch hanging meat, rent a mountain bike from the bike station I was supposed to train with, and just find loads of stairs to run up on. I have a feeling option 2 is going to happen. Obviously it will if option 1 fails. Either way, this training will happen.

The bronchitis has subsided (I’m never going to take breathing for granted again), so I’m set for intense workouts. Guanajuato will have spring like weather, highs in the 60’s for January, and warming as we go. I’ll make this happen. It’s just a matter of confidence. Wish me luck! While I have internet, word has it that it may be limited. I’ll update as much as I can!

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