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{December 30, 2009}   New Year New Bike

This morning felt like Christmas. Of course last night was how I stocked up on the gifts. My mother and I ventured out of Moreno Valley last week to a bike shop in Pomona, CA. Named Coates Cyclery, the bike store is a reputable one given it has been open for 76 years with excellent reviews. I took my chance driving out that far to ask for help for the charity from Cory the store manager.  Not only did I receive information on how to operate bike gear, Cory and his other employees assisted me generously in obtaining gear. I won’t share figures online, but I was pretty much sponsored by Coates Cyclery. I am ready to ride with their name on the bike:)

Now with all gear necessary to do basic training/surviving, I woke up this morning quite jittery. Jittery enough to make a few novice mistakes. I clipped my skin with the helmet clip (going a little too fast to care), forgot to fill the water bottle by the time I was out the door, and after all was said and done and I was looking down the road with a “you are mine!” mentality, I realized I made the number one ‘no no’ mistake. Don’t Wear Underwear With Your Bicycle Pants. I stripped down and went commando. Now I realize how ironic this is. I have an insecurity if someone could see my underwear in tight workout gear. Riding down the roads with cars passing me by, I started becoming insecure about not having any :(. All for the sake of not chafing. Time will help me adjust.

So we got about 7 miles in. The roads were mostly empty today. I suspect people are out riding away to holiday destinations. I focused on learning gears, finding hilly roads, trying to stand while I biked up a hilly road (definitely needs work), and overall just to relax and let the bike do the magic. She is beautiful.

Time flew as did I. 30 minutes in the saddle and it felt as though I just started. The whole city was now a playground, and I could explore wherever I wanted. Up an avenue, down a street, through a plaza, by the hills…if there was something new to ride by, I went there. I tried out the bumpy dirt roads, pretended I was racing on a curvy street, raced a car to the stoplight… yeah… this new sport is exhilarating. Next time though I’m donning the nice warmer jacket my friend Chris gave me. By the time I got back to the house I didn’t realize how cold my body actually was. My arms and fingers were numb. California weather for nothing :P. 

Bringing it back to why I am doing this, its a whole mumble jumble of reasons. But I’d like to bring one out that I thought of while riding. I have a blue jersey now and the back is ready for names to go up. So far, I have quite a few names to take with me on the ride.  A few of them are people who were affected by lung disease. I did not know them personally, but it’s an honor to represent them. Who they were is apparent through the message their loved ones want to make by sponsoring me. They are loved, missed, and have a second fighting chance against lung disease.

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