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{November 5, 2009}   Week 1 and Counting…

Currently I lie in bed, down with the fever and mild to severe coughs. Not the way I predicted to start off my bike training:). But there is definitely a bright side to taking a step back and reevaluating where I stand in preparing for this event next year.


Training: Biked a total of 26 miles on a trainer, one day 12 miles, next two days 7 miles each. I think I’m toughening up my butt from the excessive sitting and spinning because every session I waddle away with less and less pain. Definitely getting bike shorts with pads! I added in a nice 4 mile random run in the Bronx one evening (really cool adventure, I decided to just pick up and go without knowing where I was going or what I would do). Great mental exercise! Just have to keep going even though you don’t know where you are. I was running around about 6 PM in an area I never set foot in, and it landed me in one  of the most beautiful, serene areas I’ve encountered in New York. The Bronx Community College. I set foot in this row of Statesmen and Scientist busts after crawling up a hill and jumping over construction walls:bcc


From there I was able to see Baker Field (Columbia University’s athletic complex), about 3 miles away from where I started. I love this adventurous side of me! So all in all, training was off to a good start…too bad though that I’m wasting away in bed :(. Next week!


Biking: Found out where I’ll be training at in Mexico!! The deal is I buy them a couple of beers and they’ll let me train with them in the hills and roads of Guanajuato. A combination of Swiss, Mexican and American, these bikers lead road tours only about a half mile from the place I’ll be staying.



Pretty excited considering I can be amongst some experienced guides and only have to pay a few beers for it;). Beers in Mexico are pretty damn cheap. 


Donations: Up to about confirmed $140, without even posting up my flyers or doing a massive mailout yet. As in, today and tomorrow, once I crawl out of bed, I get to do that:). I’m grateful to be working at a great bar with great people, and at a restaurant with influential people. Should begin major fundraising by November 10th. I leave December 17th for California so East coast should be taken care of by then:). I got this!!


Much love to those of you who are supportive through and through!!



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