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{October 25, 2009}   Day 2! Leaving Colorado

Yesterday makes leaving Colorado today a very hard thing to do. After my first outing with a road bike since 2001, I am officially hooked to the scenario of sitting on an ever too tiny bike seat winding down park roads in the autumn air. I really do have to ask around how one gets used to sitting on that thing though. If it weren’t for the padded bike shorts my sister gave me, I wouldn’t be as comfortable sitting on my toosh in a wooden chair  jotting down things. Discomfort aside, THAT BIKE RIDE WAS AWESOME!!

It took a bit of time and patience on my side to continue peddling around the neighborhood street, regaining what balance and turning ability I had from long ago. Sis was great in pointing out the basics. Clipping, braking, turning, road rules. All things good to know. Gear shifting…GREAT if I should know for my first attempt. Not even remotely close to knowing it before I got on the seat, but after a few mishaps along the way to the park, I finally got down the basics of gears and speeds via trial and error. Now just imagine a newbie going around a beautiful park with a beautiful lake on a beautiful fall day at fast speed… that newbie would be laughing, exhilarated by his/her newfound ability to fly through such a wonderful scene. The wind was a bit strong that day, so getting pelted by leaves and twigs made it feel like I was flying through the forest! Oh man can’t wait to get on one later down the road. December is probably going to be the time I can get one of my own. It’s time to start selling clothes and jewelry! Those bikes can come at a price. Starting cycling training with a gym bike on Tuesday. Least I got a taste of what I’m in for the following months. I never really used certain muscles as a runner that one uses on a bike. Bit sore for the plane ride back home :P. 

I’ll miss Colorado. As I type the cat Romeo looks longingly out the window towards the growing crowd of pigeons and squirrels.


Windows and Doors save Bird populations

Windows and Doors save Bird populations

Great place, great people, great cats, great food. Good way to rest up and gear up for the coming months. Thanks Sis and Bro for everything!!

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