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{October 24, 2009}   Day 1: Test Ride

 October 24th, 2009 means for me waking up on a partially cloudy day in Denver, CO in order to go bike riding for 10 miles. In case you didn’t know, I’m blogging to track this loopy, unchartered course of mine that involves learning how to bike on a road bike (changing gears, tires, just how good braking is for you:), acquiring biking gear (as of right now I have the bike glasses…that is it), fundraising $6,000 for helping those affected by Lung Diseases, and/or assisting programs to prevent it, and training to be able to do what Forest Gump did on a Whim, except on wheels.

Last night my awesome Brother in law Todd showed me the basic science of a road bike. Tires and Tubes, and Clips oh My! My college degree didn’t help out  with clipping into the pedal at first with my sisters bike shoes. But my Patience did! Having borrowed all this gear from the Sis and Bro, I felt like a Champion Biker ready to take on Lance. Note picture with my hand attached to washer attempting this helpful ability called Balance. It’s Tour de France or nothing now!


Dressed up in Brother in Laws Gear, Sisters Bike

Dressed up in Brother in Laws Gear, Sisters Bike

I then found out changing a tire for a bike isn’t as simple as taking it to a shop or putting bubble gum on the rupture of the wheel. It takes knowledgeable hands to feel for the thorns/glass (ouch), baby powder to reduce friction, checking and cross checking again the tube is not being pulverized by the wheel after setting it in, and knowing that a good wheel changer knows where to align what at sudden notice. Todd has ridden across France before and so this was all a major treat to get the 101 from an experienced biker. Cool tip! If you’re stranded without anything to cover a rupture in a tube, and you have no tube, get on it with your dinero!! The value of it doesn’t matter. Put a Jackson or a Benjamin in the wheel frame itself if you got one and make that last couple of miles to the nearest part of civilization since the cotton will help stem off escaping air. You’ll get your moneys worth…Pun? Cheap shot joke? FAIL. Anyhow need to get out of bed and face the unknown!

Tire changing is actually a Science!!

Tire changing is actually a Science!!


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